PPE Machines

PPE Vending Solution

SelectPPE has joined forces with Magex South Africa, to provide innovative solutions for personal protective equipment (PPE) storage and distribution to the manufacturing and mining industries.

Organizations are looking for ways to cut costs from their operations, and a large number are turning to inventory management solutions. Vending machines have gained considerable popularity among organizations looking to better control of small, highly consumable, highly valuable products. Drill bits, cutting inserts, batteries and personal protective equipment (PPE) are among the most popularly vended products.

Further to controlling and reducing usage, SelectPPE works with customers to place their PPE vending machines in locations that allow SelectPPE’s products to be more accessible to employees, reducing the downtime for acquiring equipment at the start of the shift. Managing PPE through vending machines helps organizations maintain a clean and safe work environment to help reduce injuries and mitigate safety risks. Appropriate PPE, whether it is eye, hearing, respiratory, hand, body or foot protection is critical to almost every safety program. Vending machines make this PPE readily accessible to employees by locating the machine at point-of-use.

SelectPPE vending units allow for controlled access and can be programmed so employees take only the appropriate PPE and other tools for an assigned task. Vending units also provide employers with PPE usage data that helps manage a safety program and prevent costs. For example, understanding which employees took what PPE and at what time can help drive safe behaviours and compliance among employees to prevent incidents in the first place. Understanding total usage can help organizations avoid overstocking or under-stocking PPE, both of which can be costly in terms of product, productivity and compliance.

Access to data allows for truly understanding the effectiveness of a safety program and allows organizations to constantly identify new opportunities to improve it. Plus, data from an inventory program managing PPE supplies can provide documentation during a safety audit or incident inspection.

Product loading system

Maximum adaptability to distribute any type of product, you can pair more than one lane in an automatic way to distribute products that are wider. The system also allows the insertion of interlocking partitions to separate products that are next to one another. The machine has a self-diagnosis system that checks the operating status of the lane before any product disbursement.

Service data in real time

Magex is able to provide all its customers a service for the management of vending machines in real time connected via Web technology, accessible from any system connected to the network. This allows you to view real-time data of each sale, the status of the stock, the coins/banknotes inserted or rendered, automatic rebooting in case unplanned changes in the operation system, for example intrusion attempts. Please visit www.selectppe.co.za for more information.