Vending Applications

PPE Machines


SelectPPE has joined forces with Magex South Africa, to provide innovative solutions for personal protective equipment (PPE) storage and distribution to the manufacturing and mining industries. Organizations are looking for ways to cut costs from their operations, and a large number are turning to inventory management solutions. Vending machines have gained considerable popularity among organizations looking to better control of small, highly consumable, highly valuable products. Drill bits, cutting inserts, batteries and personal protective equipment (PPE) are among the most popularly vended products.
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Medical urgencies can strike at any time. No customer wants the frustration of not being able to treat that hacking cough or killer headache at 2 in the morning. Your customers need access to medical product 24 hours per day to ensure they help themselves. Pharma24H vending machines are able to dispense the appropriate medication to assist your customers in their time of need. Our machines are equipped with touch screens, cash and credit card facilities. Product are sourced according to each client’s individual need These machines are ideal for garages, Golf Estates, pharmacies and health clubs Contact us to help you improve your service levels to your customers.

Dynamic Product Activations

vending machines

Extend your product experience. Your company has spent a small fortune securing the next best thing. Imagine if your customers never get to experience firsthand the pleasure your product is supposed to elicit. The lack of early user experiences could hamper all the marketing efforts you have planned Placing your product in the hand of your customer will provide them to have a hands on experience that could be the start of a long and loyal association. Dynamic product activations will allow you to place your product in the hands of your target market and ensure you are able to know who and when your product was used. Our world class technology allows for access to your product to be either via tweet or Cell CALL. Let them TWEET for a TREAT or CALL for a SURPRISE. These machines are ideal for companies who want to provide their target market with access to samples of their products such as Food, beverages, beauty and wellness companies.

Multipurpose Use


Customers can be fickle and easily distracted. Customers who struggle or find it difficult to access your brands might be persuaded to try something else. The lack of access may prevent the use of your product. Make it easy for your customers to access your products. Magex vending machines have been designed to provide a range of options to clients to ensure whatever product you offer, can be easily access by your target market. Our machines have been adapted to dispense a range of products such as safety equipment, ice cream, books, clothes and toys to name a few. These machines are ideal for companies who want to create strong brand awareness or improve the access of their products.