Why Do We Exist


Magex South Africa is a joint venture with Magex Italy with the sole purpose of providing the South African and African market with high quality, technically advanced vending machines.

Vending machines on the continent have traditionally been reserved for fast moving consumer goods such as soft drinks, food, cell phone vouchers and DVD's. Technology limitations to a large degree have reduced the use of this form of trading but with the launch of Magex into the African market this form of trading is set to explode.

Products and services with very limited exposure in vending machines will now become the norm. Mobile devices such as tablets, cell phones, books, hot food brands and even medicine will soon be seen on every street corner.

The availability of locally produced Magex machines will also provide entrepreneurs with tremendous business opportunity. The local manufacturing will dramatically reduce the capital cost required to invest in a vending business. Magex South Africa will be working closely with business incubators to assist entrepreneurs to take advantage of these opportunities.